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TrackX in Action

The TrackX® technology utilizes a proprietary "TrackX Snap" along with the TrackX software to easily and efficiently track surgical instruments in real-time. TrackX takes x-ray guided surgery to a new level with precision and accuracy that increases and recalibrates with each new x-ray taken. Simply attach the TrackX snap onto the surgical instrument and the real-time instrument tracking is available for use. No change in surgical workflow or OR setup makes for simple integration and an unparalleled instrument tracking experience.

TrackX implementation is simple—take an x-ray, introduce the instrument and TrackX snap to the field, take an x-ray to confirm location. Now watch as the instrument seamlessly moves across the anatomy in real-time without the need to take additional x-rays or subjecting the patient, physician, and entire OR to additional radiation. With TrackX, utilize imaging that emulates live fluoroscopic imaging all while using only 1-2 scouting x-rays.

No longer rely on the hunt and shoot method of "move x-ray, move x-ray, move x-ray" instrument and implant placement. No longer waste time, extra images, or prolonged radiation exposure. With TrackX, find the right instrument and implant placement, accurately and precisely, every time.

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